BlogHer Keynote Twitnotes


Summer afternoon, westward downtown Chicago as viewed from the Sheraton. Fourth in a four-part series of images of this exact same scene at various times of day (here’s morning, sunset, & night).

Whilst I continue to marinate my lengthier observations about last weekend’s BlogHer conference in Chicago, here for posterity are my notes of the two keynote chats I Twittered, in forward chronological order (as v. Twittery reverse).

The first was a conversation onstage (and with the audience) between Tina Brown (founder, editor-in-chief, The Daily Beast), Donna Byrd (publisher, The Root), and Ilene Chaiken (creator of The L Word, and the now-offline Our  BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone interviewed them and moderated the discussion.

Twit-notes of the Saturday morning keynote conversation here.

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A multi-org statement on the California marriage equality fight

And I couldn’t agree more with it. (Statement’s after the photo below; first a little context.)

I just got this statement in the mail from Our Family Coalition, of which I am a very supportive and proud member.  In the note accompanying the statement, Judy Appel of Our Family also said:

We have also expressed our solidarity with a strong coalition of organizations representing LGBTQ people of color, youth, and families who have called on our community to prepare past 2010 by issuing a statement entitled “Prepare to Prevail.”

There are other groups and leaders who are beginning to the lay the groundwork to get a repeal of Prop 8 on the ballot for 2010. While we disagree with their current strategy decisions, we applaud their dedication and passion for equality.

No matter when we go to the ballot, one thing can be sure, we will be right there fighting for and supporting LGBTQ-headed families.

Also agreed.

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A welcome sign


This note from the girlchild greeted me on the dining table when I walked in the door last night, just after sunset. I was gone four days and three nights, far far away.

“I LOVE YOO BABA AND I OLSO WIHC YOO WR HER.” Or, to the trained eye: “I love you Baba and I also wish you were here.”

More travelogue to follow, after my kissey lips and my huggey arms have caught up with their several days’ kid deficit. I swear their vocabulary doubled and their limbs are twice as long since last I had a good bead on ’em Thursday morning. They grow up so fast.

‘Bye, Chicago


You’ve been good to me.

Above, Saturday’s Chicago skyline, facing westward not long after the official BlogHer conference ended. Officially.  Unofficially, a good time continued to be had by all.  (A wee hint of room 3116 hovers in the reflection.)

Next year, BlogHer’s annual conference will be August 6-7, in New York.  By the end of our lesbo blogger brunch on Sunday morning, we were agreed we want to invite our comrades in the blogosphere who are able to go to keep the day after BlogHer free — Sunday, August 8 — to stay in town for confabbing and conspiring together.