5 thoughts on “Balm for the soul”

    • For the oceans of open fields? And the magpies flying over them? And the warm sweet smell of the fertile earth on a summer’s night? Fireflies? Tree leaves the size of dinner plates? May Day? That park along the Mississippi where we ran our dogs when we were younger pups? A community of such a scale that it’s possible to know folks nearly everywhere you go? Affordable arts? Ten thousand lakes? (There are 10 right off the top of my head. The only downside is how many days’ travel it takes to get from there to here.)

  1. now why don’t I go to that beach more often??? living over here and all….
    loving the anniversary post, (re: ladies who lunch, i said outloud “does anybody still wear a hat? i’ll drink to that”)
    and the way you are processing the sadness and loss…. so hard. step by step. it is comforting to read.
    this circle of loss seems to be all around. perhaps now a respite….
    but it came into my circle about 2 weeks ago and took my beloved kitty maude….harrolde her brother is bereft, as am i.
    what to learn from all this? i’ve spent a lot of time thinking on this….and trying to sidestep the tendency to worry about everything all the time…
    in the time of your life, live.

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