Weekend bonus shot, 11.14.09


Bay view, Berkeley, CA.

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  1. Tara R November 15, 2009 at #

    Such a sweet snap on so many levels. Makes me wonder what they are so interested in under the pier.

    • Lesbian Dad November 15, 2009 at #

      Thank you!

      So far as I could tell — they invited me down on my face, but I graciously peeked from a squatting position — all’s it was was the slurping sloshing of the bay, up closer and more personal than they’re used to at its shoreline. Some barnacles were evident along some of the pylons.

      What’s so wonderful, of course, is where their attentions travel. For one, stuff up close to their eyeballs, which are basically around my knees and hips. But also, places I would never imagine looking. Which is a main reason why those of us who are around people this age a lot get so much out of it. “Through a child’s eyes” us usually pretty enlightening to me. Thank heavens I’m so old I appreciate it.

  2. Vikki November 16, 2009 at #

    I’ll admit it…I was worried that the were putting their mouths on the ground. I am such a freak.

  3. Vikki November 16, 2009 at #

    “they” not “the” – Now, I’m a freak with typos.

    • Lesbian Dad November 16, 2009 at #

      As a Minnesotan who spends time around kids, cold poles, and sub-freezing temperatures, I can understand the source of your concern. I share it (though sticking your tongue on a pole around here will only get you schmutzy tongue, nothin’ worse).

      And I’m glad to have the opportunity to clarify. Without an explanation, they very well could have been licking fallen lollipops, for all we know.

  4. BeethovenLives November 16, 2009 at #

    When I was their age I was always too scared to go onto piers, because the piers in England have narrow wood planks in which you can see through to the rough seas with every step. Even now I am wary of them! I spent the summer in New York and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, the footoath area is built much the same as English Piers, I spent the whole time looking up and clinging onto the side.

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