Lesbian Dad

Hosanna! And praise be to Liz Henry!


“2005 Kaboom,” from Studio H (Chris)’s photostream onFlickr.

That shero Liz Henry tracked down them durn rogue sub-pages, lassoed ’em,  and brought ’em back into the pen uninjured. (Just sneaked into this movie theater after your other one, lookin’ for a free double bill? This’ll catch you up.)

Then as her horse ambled off into the sunset,  its tail absently swishing the flies off its arse, she tugged in the reins, pushed her Stetson back on her head, swivelled around in the saddle, said the equivalent of

“Aw, shucks ma’am, ah was only jest doin’ muh job. Give a whistle if y’all need anything else. Elsewise, there’s other ladies in other towns what need muh help. Ahm sure y’all understand.”

And with a click click to her trusty steed, she was on her way.

As I watched her noble figure become smaller and smaller in the distance, and heard the music swelling up inexplicably all around me (this music), a small, crystalline tear of gratitude trickled down my face. And under my breath I whispered, “Thank you BlogHer, for sending that woman my way.”

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