Post up at BlogHer, LD up in the hills

 This is a brief editorial note informing you of the existence elsewhere of a post of mine on religion and kids, The Magic of Story, at BlogHer.  Please mosey over there and give it a looksee, comment even if you like. 

I hope to be able to chat back to any of those comments, should they appear — or any further ones here — but am not certain I’ll have access up in our cozy mountain hide-a-way that we’ve scored on the cheap.  (!) Where we’ll be through the end of the week. (!)  Because where Mama’s got a will, Mama will find a way, and Mama needed to get the heck out of Dodge for Spring Break. (!) Baba will hope she doesn’t get caught if she does find WiFi.

Thank you for reading, here, there, and wherever.  Happy Passover, joyous Easter, and may your spring be springy.  Should you be casting about for further reading in this gaping LD silence, I highly encourage you to tune into Peeps Week at Up Popped a Fox, where our intrepid Vikki is building tension toward the release of her first-ever feature length (okay, blog-length) Peeps film.  Must be seen to be believed.

2 thoughts on “Post up at BlogHer, LD up in the hills”

  1. Thank you, Vikki! It’s neither sunny and warm, nor frosty and snowy, but we are all happy and cozy nonetheless. Plus, free WiFi at the town’s one & only espresso shop! Baba is a happy camper.

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