Admin note: sub-pages on extended walkabout

test-patternYes, over a week two weeks three weeks after my homespun WordPress upgrade, the sub-pages on this site are still wonky. Still can’t afford the time (mine, or a pro’s) to fix ’em.  Meanwhile, please navigate with that spiffy blue box there to the right, and the search box (tabbing to it works for me). My ongoing apologies.


11 thoughts on “Admin note: sub-pages on extended walkabout”

  1. Thanks, you! As the picture for the weekend shows, we celebrated it in style, taking to the rails for a pilgrimage for the place of my birth. How long ago? Too long ago! May I have many more miles before I sleep.

  2. Ooo! A font question, uncool? Never! Okay never, to a geek.

    Secret Service Typewriter.

    I went and bought it, even, to use around & about on the site & its spawn.

    And thank you for the birfday wishes. Life’s onward march is always a humbling gift.

  3. I think something got funky and messed up my LD feed in google reader. I had to add you again and delete the old copy. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else had that problem.

    • Ruh-roh!

      This is what happens when a hack hacks. Thank you for letting me (and other Google reader readers) know. As soon as I can afford somebody other than my hacky-self fiddling with these files, I’ll figure out what happened.

      Badly timed with an exponential increase in household stressors, of course. You may well have simply thought: how come there are no new posts? I wonder the same thing myself.

  4. As long as we’re geeking out: My RSS feed got interupted as well. First I just loaded Atom, and that works fine. Then following Vikki’s suggestion I reloaded RSS and it’s working as well, so it was just feedus iner… uh never mind.

  5. Yikes, I didn’t realize that GReader was to blame! Resubscribing now..

    Also, a semi-off topic note from the Maine equality effort: A friend posted the following on Facebook this afternoon: “Yes on 1 just called my mother and, long story short, she told them she has a lesbian daughter and partner whom she loves very much and supports marriage. Then they asked if she approves of what we do in the bedroom. She replied that she doesn’t want to know what we do in the bedroom nor does she want to know what he does in the bedroom.”

    So, yeah, that’s how the opposition is framing this debate. Pretty mature, eh?

    With that, allow me to send you some belated felicitations on your birthday. Hope it was swell.

    • Wow. Geezum peezum. Wow.

      Thank you for sharing that. Also, thank you for the belated birthday well-wishing. This year it was rather like the Carl Sandburg poem, “Fog.” In other words, it came in on little cat feet, sat looking over harbor and city on silent haunches, and then moved on. Busy, distracted, hard, stressy, overfull time. Can’t cram a birthday into it very gracefully. But lord love us we did make it to the train museum, and for that I am enormously grateful.

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