Weekend bonus shot, 05.31.09


Rainbow flag en route to San Francisco City Hall Day of Decision rally, May 26, 2009, following the California State Supreme Court’s upholding of Proposition 8 and the ban on same-sex marriage.

Normally I do these weekend photos in black & white. This one seemed worthy of exception, particularly since so much of the story this week, at least for me, has been about the fierce explosion of LGBT pride. Every setback seems only to multiply people’s determination. Next stop: Washington, D.C., on National Coming Out Day weekend — October 10-11, 2009 — to demand full, equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. Now. (I’ll see you one large state-level setback, and raise you one fierce, energized, uncompromising national movement.)

3 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 05.31.09”

  1. That’s beautiful; it reminds me of when I was walking towards my first Pride March and I started seeing people heading in the same direction, holding hands and being more openly gay than they usually would in public (Buenos Aires may be called the gay mecca of Latin America, but I don’t feel too safe being visibly queer in the streets).

    I wish you all the best in your fight for equality! I’ve been following the news closely; justice in one country brings us closer to worldwide freedom.

  2. i’ve been hanging on to this in my reader b/c i want to tell you how beautiful it is. the vivid color in the flag is so striking in the midst of what it all means. i just realized tonight while reading the post you tweeted earlier that i’m moving back to a state that passed the same shite as california. we’re moving to arizona next month & i really hope to be part of the generation that opens hearts to love & shuts down the hate. i do so enjoy coming here, even if i don’t comment all the time.

    • Thank you. I do so enjoy your coming here, quiet or chatty.

      Interesting thing, both Arizona and California, the momentary flash (of: ? decency about LGBT civil rights?), revoked. Has a unique kind of bitter aftertaste to it, different than how all that lack thereof felt before we had anything. Best wishes in your work there. From what I read in the way of NCLR Action Alerts, there’s plenty of work to do (and being done).

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