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The Powerpuff Girls Say No to Hate and Yes to Love


This was taken just a little over a day ago, though it feels like a week.  On the Day of Decision, the afternoon after the CA Supreme Court released its cowardly ruling upholding Prop 8 for the thinnest and most internally contradictory of reasons, this young gal was at the front of the march from San Francisco’s City Hall to the Yerba Buena Gardens and its Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial.  

I wish I could show you the full look on this gal’s face, but though I got her very enthusiastic permission to photograph her holding the sign, I didn’t have the good sense to locate a parent and find out how they felt about the little muffin showing up on the internet. So she gets more or less cropped.  Take my word for it, she had a smile a city block-wide and eyes bright enough to light up the street lights. Our Family Coalition and COLAGE led the march, as well they should have. 

I could have put up a much more somber image here (oh, like this one). But I’m thinking, today I could use this kind of inextinguishable optimism. When people talk about the future of LGBT civil rights and civil marriage rights, I think this will be the image I’ll try to conjure the most.

[Post Script: I thought I’d be writing up a big ole’ Day of Decision post, and I am, but I think I will actually try to hold it ’til Monday, Blogging for LGBT Families Day, when I’m done with the Month o’ Photos and off my “prose fast.” ]

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