Lesbian Dad

15th of 21

Post-dinner dance party.  There was only time for one song: which would you choose?  “Flashlight” bolted out of the gate as an early contender, but “Super Freak” came from behind and took the night. If I have one gay (parent) agenda item — other than, can I serve my kids

Set yer stopwatches to 24 hrs. Plus.*

Richard Westall’s Sword of Damocles, 1812. Thanks to NCLR’s crack text message to my phone, the wait for the wait is over, and now the wait is narrowed to a nice, long holiday weekend.  Glad I got some champagne for mimosas for our lesbo parents’ brunch this Sunday.  Because now

14th of 21

“Oregon sheep and shepherd going early to pasture.” by S.H. Marshall, my great-grandmother on my mother’s side. There’s a story to go along with this picture. But it’s not about the Oregon shepherd himself, or the woman who photographed him, somewhere’s about the early decades of the 20th century, though

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