Lesbian Dad

17th of 21

“This looks like the end of the story; but it isn’t.” Old Brown may seem to have Squirrel Nutkin in a deathgrip, but our furry friend is wilier than you might expect.  Today I will be in San Francisco on the steps of the California Supreme Court (and elsewhere), likely

16th of 21

Dress-up box aftermath. When the parents are engrossed in conversation, Things are Bound to Happen. I don’t yet have a Memorial Day photo of my Pops, WWII – Normandy Beach-landing vet, because his annual BBQ dinner is this evening and I’m hoping to convince him to pose for me in

Weekend bonus shot, 05.24.09

Little Farm boy, Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA. When the going gets tough — or even when an afternoon sneaks up and makes itself available — the tough grab a bunch of celery (to feed the animals) and hie themselves to Little Farm, nestled up over the hills a scant 12

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