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20th of 21

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS SAY NO TO HATE! & YES TO LOVE! This was taken just a little over a day ago, though it feels like a week.  On the Day of Decision, the afternoon after the CA Supreme Court released its cowardly ruling upholding Prop 8 for the thinnest and

19th of 21

Slide show of images in and around San Francisco, the afternoon following the CA Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Prop 8 (though also uphold the June-Nov marriages). As of the wee, wee hours of Wednesday morning, I gave up waiting for all my photos to load to Flickr, where I

18th of 21

A slide show of images from this morning: first in front of the California Supreme Court before and after they released their ruling upholding Proposition 8, then inside City Hall, for the press conference. Per usual, more to say here than I have time (or, right now, energy) with which

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