The people of Iowa welcome you!

iowaFlash: Iowa just put the heart in heartland! Or should I say, opened it wide.

The Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling today on the unconstitutionality of the same-sex marriage ban is in the news hither and yon [PDF of the ruling itself here], but here’s a round-up if you want some one-stop forward-thinking equal application of civil law to civil matters news (all dated today):

Once, I sat near the Iowa River and watched fireflies flickering over a green grassy park in the sweet-smelling summer dusk, and thought: This is surely one of the most transcendently beautiful midwestern moments I’ll ever know.  I’m thinking a bunch of Iowans are feeling like today might just be even more transcendent.

2 thoughts on “The people of Iowa welcome you!”

  1. I went to Grinnell College in Iowa and lived in that small town for another year after graduation. I loved every minute of it and am very proud of Iowa today.

    • I thought of you often today (and Luisa, too, yes? And Rocki? your Grinnell cadre?). And of the look of the asphalt at night in the headlights with snow drifts blowing across it (my first introduction to the state, during a late night drive from Minneapolis). And the Iowa City during the summer, and the river, and the fireflies (first time I ever saw them). And the smell of summer there.

      What a proud day for that fine state.

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