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A.P.B.: Today show to cover NJ school district family diversity film ban

This just in from Dana, our gal at the Mombian desk:

Sources tell me the Today show tomorrow (Wednesday, September 19) on Thursday, September 20 will be covering the ongoing debate in the Evesham, New Jersey School District over whether to ban a diversity film that includes an LGBT family.

Check her post for the details.

I would expect that Today Show producers would recieve a mountain of mail following any coverage of the ongoing drama around the family diversity in the curriculum in the Evesham, New Jersey School district. I’m hoping that LGBT families and their allies can ensure that the better chunk of that mountain is made of love, rather than its opposite.

Further details on coverage to follow, at Mombian. My most recent bit on the whole broo-ha-ha is here.

[Updated on Wednesday morning; story pushed up “due to OJ coverage.” Glad the commercial news media knows which real stories matter to people. ]

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