Two in 18,000

And, justice willing, once in a lifetime.

Above: City Hall steps, July last year. At left, City Hall steps, last night, from mattymatt’s Flickr photostream.

If their server hasn’t crashed yet, the California Channel has a live webcast of this morning’s arguments before the state Supreme Court (9am to noon, PST) challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8. Live social media feed here (Twitter, et al.), live blog & chat here via 365 Gay.

8 thoughts on “Two in 18,000”

  1. Twitter gal Leanne heps me to the fact that the Twitter feed with the Prop 8 argument tag (#prop8arg) is here:

    After the fact, it’s painful to read all the various legal eagles yelling stuff at the screen, as it were, about what the attorneys could have/should have been arguing. My most astute insight, attorney-wise, is that the Attorney General’s office should be looking for a new deputy.

  2. OMG, I know! That guy! Uh, well, uh, um.
    Dude. you gotta be quick up there. I will admit a tiny (okay huge) girl-crush on Stewart. She was amazing.

  3. Stay tuned for my hasty photo essay, in which you will see what kind of shoes Stewart wears. Yes! You will!

    Deputy AG needed to be wired to a small charge to have gone off with every “Um” and “You know.” I mean shit. We were taught that in high school speech & debate. Or would have been, if our high schools had speech & debate. Not that I’m bitter.

  4. I’ve found myself not wanting to hear any news today, in case it’s not good. I’m getting upset again, and feeling uncomfortable, and worried….
    I want to thank you again, because your blog has become a touchstone for me. It’s allowed me to focus, and helped me to articulate, all the emotions I’ve felt around this issue, and stirred me to action. I hope, oh how I hope, that the right decision comes down today. But I will be dedicated to the cause either way. And I’ll be hurting with you when you hurt, and enjoying the pictures of your children, and reading your blog along the way.


  5. I love the picture – it’s fabulous.

    I listened intently all morning that morning, hoping against hope that somehow, I would rest easy waiting for the outcome, but I did not. I do think your marriage is safe though, so there is that I will wish for most.

  6. Thanks, Lori. Funny how we’re beaming and the kids are either “Grrr” or “Ho, hum.”

    Sadly, Grrrr is how we’re all feeling right now.

    I appreciate and share your wishing about the extant marriages, though not because I relish being among those bobbing in lifeboats, eyeing the wreckage of the Titanic. I hope that somehow these will be capable of proving — while we assiduously work Plan B, or C, or GHIJK or whatever the hell — the larger point we were trying to make in the first place. That it’s nobody’s business but our own; that the sky will not fall in as a result of our legal protections; that our kids will benefit, and so on. Though the example of Massachusetts not falling into the ocean on the other side of the country had little to no impact over here this time around.

    Did you read where EQCA hired Andrea Shorter, of And Marriage For all, as Coalition Coordinator (!!!!!). And Marc Solomon, of Mass Equality, as Marriage Director. (The comments stream in this Pam’s House Blend piece on his new gig pretty much does all the multiple exclamation pointing for me).

    So. At least people are getting serious, and the main org that belly flopped on this thing is trying to respond to the critiques and bring in the talent.

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