Lesbian Dad



Musical accompaniment courtesy Mr. Louis Armstrong. Okay so the “so sweet, so cold, so fair” part is a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean, they’re clammy, yes, but not cold. Certainly not in the sense implied.  I do feel a bit like an infirmary worker, I will say that much.

Upside? I got these people in my life to care for, period.  Jasureyoubetcha, as they say in all-one-word in my erstwhile adoptive home of Minnesota.

*By the way: Freedom to Marry Week started yesterday, and lots of people are writing and talking about it in one way or another.  Mombian and Page One Q have something going on: The Only Agendais Love, and Freedom to Marry has Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter conversations going on. And Robin Reagler is hosting her Some/thing (Old, New, Borrowed, Blue) carnival again.  I’d have hoped to have posted a little something for each venue (the Agenda carnival and the Some/thing one).  The goal: find a fresh — and mutually uplifting? — take on the topic.  Unfortunately, St. James’ Infirmary calls.  Hope springs eternal that less will be springing internally, and soon.

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