5 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 09.07.08”

  1. OH MY GOD

    what a beautiful and full picture that is.

    websters ought to put it next to the definition of listening entry in their next edition

  2. Thank you thank you. And you know the delight of this one was, it was “from the table.” A variant on “from the hip.” Composition totally out of my control (but the appreciation thereof, readily accessible!).

    Serendipity put the open window there as an illustration of what the mind does when it truly listens.

    (Must also say, on the serendipity front: the light on her face was bounced from the wall behind me, on which the late afternoon sun was shining directly. It only hit her face; nothing else. So of course Baba rushes to get the camera, again grateful of her disinterest in paying attention to it. The day that happens, it’s game over, alas.)

  3. was she, by any chance, listening to her mama? because thats the look that i get…. so captivated!

    i love this. the lighting, the composition. perfect.

    she should know that the drawing that she made me (“you can have this. you should put it on your refrigerator.”) was the first thing on the refrigerator of my new apartment.

  4. Good call! Yes. Mama, at the dinner table. Something perfectly ordinary, as I recall. (As vs. an elaborate story about faries, which would warrant the riveted attention.)

    S’pose I should also note that Mama certainly wasn’t talking about “would you please try to eat a few more bites” or anything, because we know that if that were the case, the girlie’s attention would be somewhere completely else.

    I will tell her that her art is being shown in one of the finest galleries in town.

    Oh, and lulazoid: close! By the end of the week, she will be a mature, ready-for-the-world four year old. Watch out!

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