Lesbian Dad

“A great night out in New York City”

Image at right: Whoopi Goldberg, one much appreciated ally among a throng of ’em, from a photo set of the NYC march last night, by Bitten by a Zebra, posted at Towleroad.  

Mosey on over there to read about The NYC Protest and Civil Rights March Opposing Proposition 8. AP’s early estimates: several hundred. By the end of the night, updated to: 10,000.  

I know, I know: there have been crowds that size in LA and San Diego.  And we expect oodles and oodles of people to come out this Saturday, November 15, COAST TO COAST.  Round about 10:30am PST (11:30 Mountain, 12:30 Central, 1:30 Eastern), at a city hall near you.  Check  your nearest location here.

What’s nice about this one is: other side of the country.

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