A vested interest in the topic

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My dear chum and East Coast doppelganger, Looky, Daddy! is up to his usual shenanigans. He’s collecting embarrassing wedding or commitment ceremony photos, plastering incriminating remarks beneath them, and transforming them into upbeat No on 8 get out the vote/fundraising tools.  

Go check out his inaugural line at Because Everyone Should Have the Right to Be Awesome.  If you’ve got a blog, poach the code of your favorite incriminating photo, use it in a post, feel good about doing a good thing.  He’s lampooned a number of hapless couples; you can choose among a variety.

Want to join in the reindeer games?  Send him your own photo, sit back, and wait for the warm glow of humiliation for a very worthy cause. 

Original photo © David Rae Morris, 1997.

4 thoughts on “A vested interest in the topic”

  1. It’s taken me longer to weigh in on this than it should have but I did a post today and hope that my teeny tiny readership can raise a little money for the cause.

  2. Hey LD – I’m a constant reader, occasional commenter. Thanks so much for the time, effort, publicity and $$ you’ve put into this. It seems your blog crosses boundaries more than many blogs do (certainly reaching wider audiences than most of us with small personal blathering blogs!), reaching people across the country and across different groups, which is what is needed to carry the day. I’ve spent a lot of time doing phone banking and volunteering for No on 8; I’m also a law student, which means that most of the time I’ve volunteered is time I don’t have. Your fantastic pictures and words are one of the things I turn to when I need that boost to remember why these sacrifices are so important. I will be able to study on Nov. 5th…the question is whether I will be able to get married then, too.

    Thanks so much,

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