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My dear chum and East Coast doppelganger, Looky, Daddy! is up to his usual shenanigans. He’s collecting embarrassing wedding or commitment ceremony photos, plastering incriminating remarks beneath them, and transforming them into upbeat No on 8 get out the vote/fundraising tools.  

Go check out his inaugural line at Because Everyone Should Have the Right to Be Awesome.  If you’ve got a blog, poach the code of your favorite incriminating photo, use it in a post, feel good about doing a good thing.  He’s lampooned a number of hapless couples; you can choose among a variety.

Want to join in the reindeer games?  Send him your own photo, sit back, and wait for the warm glow of humiliation for a very worthy cause. 

Original photo © David Rae Morris, 1997.

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