Lesbian Dad

Happy Dependent’s Day

Sign greeting patrons at Local 123 Cafe post-SCOTUS, Berkeley, CA.

On the Twitter the day the US Supreme Court handed down its historic marriage equality decisions, local chum Heather Flett (of Rookie Mom fame) sent not just her congratulations, but an offer to treat me to whatever felt treat-y. A drink right that very moment, or a coffee date to be redeemed soon. I picked coffee; we went to Local 123; and this sign greeted us. Fitting to post it today.

Because the A#1 and A#2 reasons I am grateful for the legal recognition of my partnership is the legal recognition conferred to Kid #1 and Kid #2.  An old African American Studies professor of mine used to say, of this nation: “It’s a beautiful experiment, still unfolding.” Which it is. Jury may still be out on how we realize democracy, but I’m prouder than usual to be an American today.

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