5 thoughts on “What’s not to love about a carousel?”

  1. …as if to say, “Hey, lady, there’s plenty enough love to go around!” C’mon over, hitch him up on your hip, and ride every carousel you find (it would make for a nice organizing device for a tour, though admittedly not as extensive as a Vertigo-themed one).

    And Mr Lady, you hit the nail on the turkey baster! The lesbian baby boom plot, revealed.

  2. And a fine ostrich it is, isn’t it? Yep, GG Park itself. Amazing we didn’t bump into one another. Then again, we could have, and not exactly known it (both of us scratching our heads thinking, “There’s something about that guy that seems familiar…”)

    We went for the free opera, lasted ’til the half time, and were irrevocably drawn to the carousel. Our friendly neighborhood carousel is still being refurbished, so we were carousel-starved. Haute culture for the under-seven set.

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