Weekend bonus shot, 08.23.08


Saturday pancake, Berkeley, CA.

7 Responses to Weekend bonus shot, 08.23.08

  1. immoralmatriarch August 24, 2008 at #

    Oh that is GENIUS.

  2. lulazoid August 24, 2008 at #

    Now that is a work of art! How come my SO never thought of this?

  3. Shereen August 24, 2008 at #

    Man, that is some sort of crazy pancake-making dedication. I’m always pleased with myself at making them at all.

  4. Dana August 25, 2008 at #

    That totally rocks.

  5. imjudypooh August 25, 2008 at #

    Ohhhhh! I want dino pancakes!

  6. Liza August 25, 2008 at #

    You are a pancake artiste! I am awed by your mad pancake skillz.

  7. lizk August 26, 2008 at #

    Oooh, how cool! Is this the way you console yourself when lil’ Punky won’t eat? At least you still get to look at your culinary artwork?

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