Lesbian Dad

Airport terminal blues, or Baby’s first sports bar

Guest captioned by a friend: “Heineken?! I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

Bad news: flight delayed three hours due to “mechanical failure” (now I know why the bro-in-law calls it “Northworst”).

Good news: Axel’s Firepit Lounge or whatever it’s called was happy to let in a patron who was way, way underage.

Bad news: Axel’s Firepit Lounge has TVs everywhere, and the one above us was airing a bikini volleyball tourney.

Beloved partner: Must they wear bikinis while playing volleyball?

Moi: My guess is some folks’ questions might rather be: “Why can’t women wear bikinis all the time? Why can’t that waitress wear a bikini? Why can’t my flight attendant wear a bikini?” And so forth.

But of course the bikini is surely the great equalizer (I say, having worn not a one in numerous decades of female living), and if all men and all women wore one, I suspect it would lose a good deal of its allure. Just a guess.

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