Does this redesign make my blog look phat?


[Above: the old, with which we are now out.  Replaced by the new, with which we are now in.]

Ever since we had a second kiddle, I’ve always felt a bit sad that he wasn’t given any face time in the old header photo (sorry, Att). You know, because I know this would be among the kinds of things he would be lamenting with a therapist in a coupla decades. Wasn’t in his Baba’s blog header, back then when people were doing that “blogging” thing.

And then there was the Great Spam Attack of ’08, which sent heiroglyphics and more all over the place. It was time to update the WordPress installation.

Then there was my longstanding desire to foreground the conversation that goes on around here, with some kind of cue on the home page. And so on and so on.

Like with every remodeling job, push led to shove and then I realized I needed a whole new shebang, a shebang which definitely exceeded my modest web literacy. I know as much HTML as I do Spanish, which spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E in any language. After harassing chums for help, a dear one fronted the means by which I could consult professionals. And so LD v.2.0 began gestation.

That was back in late April. (Remember?) The process with the firm I started with was, to put it delicately, star-cross’d, and ultimately it was the mad skillz (and consummate professionalism) of  Poles Apart Design that brought this train into the station.  Since in baseball the game win is credited to the pitcher that successfully closed it (right?), I am only too glad to honk her horn.  You should, too, if you are in need of a WordPress blog design/redesign, or content management system, or anything else for that matter.  I mean, she even finished it and posted it today, on her birthday (!), so’s it could be all gussied up in time for the BlogHer conference.

Nerdy techie details about the innards can be found on the Colophon page, by the way, along with heart-on-my-sleeve thanks to a coupla more women who make this thing work.  Frankly, the hosting and the redesign and the redesign’s underwriting, not to mention the ongoing proofreading and editorial reality-checking are all done by she-women.  It is an estrogen bath over here, people.  A perfect thing to celebrate, going into BlogHer.  

(And worry not: I have been poring over everyone’s extremely intriguing thoughts on the “mommyblogging” questions, and do intend to sober up and post about that before Friday.  I mean there’s only so much space one can allow for navel-gazing on the micro-level of this one blog, especially its cosmetics. Time to widen the gaze to the larger phenomenon, and its politics!)

Meanwhile, I will ask your forgiveness over the next week or so, as I continue to redecorate the house and restore some of the furniture, now that the construction crew has finished the job.  If you’re confused about where the kitchen or the bathroom is, do ask. I’m sure I’ll have left a hammer or an open can of paint out, too, so watch your step.

I will now go back to humming Phat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round, as I wander around trying to find what boxes I put my things in.

9 thoughts on “Does this redesign make my blog look phat?”

  1. Well, and you know, our sister in Mpls/StP Vikki did say something at the end of the previous post. Since the miracle worker at Poles Apart posted this puppy while I was dropping the girlie off at preschool. But I am happy to call it a virtual tie. 🙂

    Must agree, too. Phat as can be.

  2. Actually, the win goes to the pitcher who last pitched before your team took the lead. If the closing pitcher inherits a lead and manages not to blow the game, they don’t get the win, just a pat on the back.

    Nevertheless…I believe the metaphor still holds! If a pitcher inherits a losing game and successfully cleans up the other guy’s mess, yep, they get the win. (Sorry if my explanation has a negative bent, I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan; we’re a little pessimistic.)

    And oh yeah, the new layout looks great!

  3. I go out of town for a few days and you redecorate the whole place! Looks fantastic, nice and roomy, good feng-shui — and wonderful new header!

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