5 thoughts on “One day my girl will be too big for a swing”

  1. What a FANTASTIC photograph.

    I’m doing a project for my university work, we have to spend the summer gathering ephemera and research, drawings and writing about a chosen theme. I chose “gravity”, and have been collecting as many images and writings as possible with everything to do with gravity, from scientific to just plain strange, like astronauts, spaceships, super heros, cowboys, windsurfers, anything and everything to do with apples.

    Do you mind if I also use this image too? It is just SO perfect, so kinetic and alive. If you like I can photograph some of the pages from my sketchbook to show you what I’m getting at (though at the moment I’ve done alot more writing than actually drawings or paintings.)

  2. Thank you! I would LOVE sketchbook images!

    Ah, kids and swings. You can barely miss with them. Especially with a digital camera and the capacity to edit out the duds. I started this as a swing! retrospective, with several other images of her at different ages swinging. But I went back to just a before/after thing. Here’s one of the other earlier ones that is also ever so movement-y:

    You, friend, are warmly welcomed to do with them what you will! I’ll send you higher res images via email later today when I have a moment, if that’ll help.

    And again, as ever: thank you.

  3. Infant swing, perhaps, but may she never grow out of swings entirely. It’s just too wonderful a feeling. (Cue Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses”)

  4. Just look at those trousers!

    Heres a few pages from my current sketch book. Bare in mind I’m not working to my usual standard, being home for the summer has made me pudgy (I dont think thats a real word but it describes me perfectly!)

    Everytime I look at this I cringe it, I think it just looks child-like, but like I said I’ve done way too much writing this summer and not enough drawing: here.

    A little interactive thing to give my brain some rest and keep my fingers busy. You hold up the book and give him a flick and he goes craaaazy 😛 its hypnotic to watch: here.

    A terrible self portrait. The chains are supposed to represent stress and gravity, how stress seems to drag you down like increased effects of gravity: here.

    A slightly more accurate self portrait 🙂 I think it speaks for itself. Here.

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