And the swag, it just keeps comin’


I know, I know. This is not the thought-provoking essay you might have been expecting about our moving trip to get our marriage license last week. That’s still circling the airport. Meanwhile I had to send out a bulletin about the latest in the LD prêt-a-porter line. Order today with rush shipping and you can still proselytize at Pride this weekend.

You know, or not.

5 thoughts on “And the swag, it just keeps comin’”

  1. Thanks! I may just earn enough $ to buy a latté with the proceeds!

    But seriously. If the swag proceeds ever exceed the various operating costs of bloggery (hosting, domain names, photo hosting, survey hosting/admin, etc.) I will actually be thrilled to throw a good % of the rest to the LGBT family civil rights orgs & causes du jour (this fall, the fight to preserve marriage rights). Now that would be swag with a purpose.

  2. Sister, that is an imperative. I would deserve to have my charter lifetime membership in Club Feminist yanked if I didn’t think of that. If I overlooked it on any current products, it’s only that I’m still getting my CaféPress sea legs. Do let me know. And thank you for noticing, and mentioning it.

    I should disclose that if my mom were a t-shirt wearing type (she wasn’t), it would be plus-size all the way. I can’t look at Reubenesque without feelng all warm and runny inside.

  3. Yum! I am drinking my morning coffee from my new “amor vincit omnia” coffee mug. Is it my imagination, or does it taste better than usual?

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