(Tap tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

Er. Ahem.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my blogular life. First post, post-hiatus.

Hope I know where to find the I REALLY MEAN THIS key. And the only kidding key.

The spring term of my freshman year of college, I took an incomplete in my Western Civ class. Sudden illness brought on, most likely, by too hurly-burly an intellectual pace. (So much to think about, so little time!) The more the months ticked away, after the term ended, the more the pressure began to mount on the papers I owed to clear the incomplete. Eventually it got to the point where they needed to explicate all that was aching and achingly beautiful about the world, and everything about the literary arts that would mend it, or render it. The papers I had to write were about cheery volumes like Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Mann’s Death in Venice. You know, lite fare. Why do they even let eighteen year-olds near books like that?!! Like it’s not torturous enough to simply be eighteen.

Anyway. First post, post-hiatus, feels a little like Death in Darkness meets Heart of Venice.

What movie was it — Annie Hall? — in which Woody Allen stops Dianne Keaton, mid-stride, early in the evening on their first date? He whirls her around by the shoulders and plants a smooch her, just to get the stress of the first kiss overwith.

Well, smooch.

There. See you tomorrow.

7 Responses to (Tap tap tap tap) Is this thing on?

  1. Studying Stones June 2, 2008 at #

    Welcome back!! 🙂

    Don’t worry, there is much less riding on your return to blog-ville than there was during your college adventures in literature.

  2. LesbianDad June 2, 2008 at #

    Thanks! And pshew!

  3. Shereen June 2, 2008 at #

    Smooch, yerself. Glad to have you back, LD. Hope the blogular break accomplished what it was intended to.

  4. LesbianDad June 2, 2008 at #


    And yes indeed, thank you. And my client thanks you. For doing without this h’yar gabfest for the nonce.

  5. leo June 2, 2008 at #

    glad you’re back. now when do we get to hear about kd lang and the corncob and you at a cafe? 😉

  6. LesbianDad June 2, 2008 at #

    Leo, I am so glad you remembered that! Hold me to it. It’s ALL TRUE. Later today comes the Blogging for LGBT Families Day post, but kd and the corncob are now for sure in the queue.

  7. LookyDaddy June 2, 2008 at #

    What? No tongue?

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