Lesbian Dad

Just in time for Pride!


Yeah, well, so.

In lieu of selling ads, and also in lieu of selling my organs, I will commence a six-month trial period during which I will sell SWAG (dedicated LD page here). With snappy slogans and captions on it. All of which to try to underwrite put a dent in the cost of publishing this blog, which I love to do, but cannot afford without some help.

I figure heck: people wear clothing, right? And get some of it for their kids and friends, right?

So go check this stuff out. We got us a dozen peppy slogans and they just keep comin’. Right in time for Pride, if you rush the delivery! You can rest easy, knowing that the extremely modest proceeds of the sale will help defray the publishing costs of indie, lesfam new media. Er, meaning yrs truly.

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