Lesbian Dad

Happy Pride

Ruminations on the day to follow. For the moment, a picture of a happy gal atop the shoulders of her Baba, as we stroll along with the bodacious Our Family Coalition contingent. We’ll all be hoisting our little ones for as many years as we can muster, I reckon. Even if, as they get bigger and we get older, we have to train like triathletes in the months leading up to the event. (By block # umpteen, I was thinking I shoulda.)

And on an LD administrative note: my “New User Registration” inbox has been bombarded by spambots, the pernicious, nameless, faceless proliferators of digital-virtual junk. I’ve spent valuable “leisure” (please picture the fingers doing the air quote on that, as you read it) time deleting scores of fake-o new users, whose sole purpose would be to turn around and post meaningless comments with adverts and links to vital products we all need to increase the pleasure of our female partners. Like any of us need products for this.

So for the time being, I’ve suspended new registration for commenting. Will probably sneak it back in soon, as soon as I feel like the Borg or whatever it is stops looking over here. Meanwhile, I’d be only too happy to register you on your behalf. Just write me using the contact form on this site and give me the following:

    Nickname (or “handle” you want to use to identify yourself here)
    First Name
    Last Name

Then you can switch your password right away, of course. So don’t give me your favorite password. Regular new user registration should return as soon as I can ensure that the coast is clear. Ish. One hopes resistance is not futile.

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