Lesbian Dad

And the swag, it just keeps comin’

I know, I know. This is not the thought-provoking essay you might have been expecting about our moving trip to get our marriage license last week. That’s still circling the airport. Meanwhile I had to send out a bulletin about the latest in the LD prêt-a-porter line. Order today with

Just in time for Pride!

Yeah, well, so. In lieu of selling ads, and also in lieu of selling my organs, I will commence a six-month trial period during which I will sell SWAG (dedicated LD page here). With snappy slogans and captions on it. All of which to try to underwrite put a dent

Forwarded action alert from NCLR

Dear Action Alert subscriber, The last week has been amazing, historic, and emotional with gay and lesbian couples getting married throughout the state of California. Now we must do everything we can to ensure our right to marry is protected. Pride Month is in full swing across California, and the

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