Lesbian Dad


Ruminations to follow. Today, a nod to a herstory-making moment in the LGBT Civil Rights Movement. Whether or not you’re unmitigatedly pro-marriage, as an institution; even if you believe that federal rights and protections for all LGBT people would be best served by expansion of the federal Civil Rights Act

All aboard!

  Our Baba’s day this year was nothing if not a sign of parental arrival. Half of the events of the day were exactly the stuff of my dreams, pre-parenthood: kids bringing me a breakfast tray in bed; my making pancakes for ’em; us going for a hike and a

Comments feature gone fishin’ restored!

Our Scotland desk has reported a “Closed” sign over at the comments window. So THAT’s why everything was so quiet! Scads and scads of you (meaning like maybe one? two?) have been clamoring to say something, anything, and have been rebuffed! By the server upgrade, or some php5 snafu, or

back up that-away
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