2 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 05.04.08”

  1. Love it! I believe I can smell the Berkeley jasmine that I’m sure surrounds you. And with that creeps in the jealousy.

    How amazing when our once wee ones speed off with such vigor, eh?

    Thanks for all that you share.

  2. You are welcome to it. The scent of night-blooming jasmine was, along with bay and eucalyptus and the sweet smell of dry oat grass, the smells I missed the most when I lived away from home (seven years in total).

    And yeah: the riding of the bike. Hard not to be dripping with symbolism. I’m thinking about sabotaging the training wheels, to kind of slow her down a bit. Draw out the moment, slow the inevitable. (Hey, like I’m going to be the first to have thought of it?)

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