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A picture better be worth a thousand words

Lil’ monkey blazes through the sound barrier. Training wheels just out of sight. But not out of mind.

A picture better be worth a thousand words, because that’s looking like all I’ll have time to post over the next several weeks. Pictures, I mean, rather than a thousand words. A month of pictures only, rather than the usual LD mix of words and images. I’ve got a cavalcade of deadlines in my work life this month, whether the work is pro, semi-pro, or amateur. And since this blog does not put the tofu on the table, it has to take the hit when the going gets gnarly.

Hey, don’t blame me, blame Looky, Daddy! He gave me the idea.

The month-long word diet will hurt me more than it will hurt you (sad, I fear, but true). I’ll be looking up from my work, peering over my shoulder periodically at the small herd of posts crowded outside my window, fogging it up with their eager breath. Among those waiting patiently wait ’til June are:

  • A report back on the Reader Survey. You people (well, not all of you, but the 5-10% of you who did it) have been so helpful!
  • “Waving not drowning,” our write-in blog post title, ever so evocative of the beloved’s and my parental condition now that we’ve staggered past the one year mark with the lil’ peanut. Or should I say dog-paddled past it.
  • The two remaining in the nearly forgotten Ten lists of ten series I had going (You thought I forgot, eh? Well, list #9 is working itself up to be Ten ways the second kid knocked us for a loop, man. Therein explaining the precipitous drop-off of those lists around about when the impact hit).
  • Some musing (coughing, choking, breathing slowly in through the nose & out through the mouth) about Princess Mania in particular, and Female Trouble in general.
  • A little long overdue something about how (and why) I am indeed not chopped liver for the boychild, (see lamentation of long ago, re: second bananna status w/ the girlchild). This experience has caused much chat-worthy reflection and I can’t wait to hear what you all think about the whole business.

And yet. For the Greater Good in my household, I need to go on a strict post diet. Images with captions only! I can do it! I’ll pledge to keep the interest level up at least, by swapping the pictures daily during the week (Sundays off). By my calculations this means nineteen more pictures after today (twenty-two if you count the Weekend bonus shots). I’ll also dangle the fun tidbit that someone, somewhere, is at least contemplating a redesign of LD, and may just get it done in time for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 1. You know, or not. One never knows with these things. But, as I tell myself regularly about o so much, Hope Springs Internal.

Now, for those of youse who prefer the words to the pictures here, won’t you please come back as of June? Monday, June 2nd, is the Third Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, spearheaded by Dana Rudolph at Mombian, and sponsored this year by the Family Equality Council. It’ll be an auspicious day for the word drought to break.

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