Weekend bonus shot, 08.08.10


The author at brunch, Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Photo: DeBORah.

If I told you how many really incredible people I spent time with Sunday, you would never believe me. Really. I didn’t need a guidebook to New York, I needed a guide book to my own day.

Every single one is doing major work either for lesbians in particular, or for women in general, via the internet and the blogosphere: Liza (brunch #1); Deb, DeBORah, Graces Yip & Chu, Vikki, Reise, and Jess (brunch #2); Elisa (theater!); and the most generous hosts I could hope to finish a trip with, Sinclair and Kristen (dinner + comprehensive, personalized Brooklyn tour).

See? What’d I tell you? And that was just Sunday.

Monday: travel home to my children’s and my beloved’s arms, and recovery. Soon thereafter I hope at least to share pictures. Words to follow.

5 thoughts on “Weekend bonus shot, 08.08.10”

  1. Even more accurate woulda been a solid blur in a 360-degree circle. Thanks for the welcome. I’m heading ever westward (HO!) by the minute. (I type this from aloft.) May just stop being dizzy by the time I land.

  2. Oh my holy hooch! I discovered your awesomeness this weekend. Got home to finally pull up your blog, and you link to “we are fambly??” I adore those ladies. They are just an hour from me, so recently I got to become their for-real-in-person friend.

    That just made my whole night.

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