U-caption it (2)

1. [Your snappy caption here.]

2. [Your snappy caption here.]

3. [Your snappy caption here.]

It’s been such a busy week, what with Working for an Honest Buck, taking a croupy kid to the doctor, and trying to keep a hard-working mama in a prone position after she threw her back out. Not an easy task, let’s just say, keeping a Force of Nature like the beloved still for anything other than the duration of a film or a live performance. Let’s just say I’m developed a keen sympathy for the underpaid local laborers who were delegated the task of lashing King Kong to whatever he was lashed to in the Borneo jungle or wherever.

Anyhow, what with all these heady responsibilities, a gal barely has any time to while away the hours rummaging around for les mots juste to stick on her blog. In fact, a gal is even stumped by the prospect of coming up with a spiffy six word memoir, when memed to do so, but since her old editor has tapped her, how can she say no?

More to the point, though, how can she exert the exactitude upon herself that it would take to boil it down to six words? My favorite launch to my life story is “I was born as a small child in Sacramento, California,” but that already goes overboard by three words.

So far the only six-word memoir I can think of is, “Loquatious is my middle name, people.” I’m saving “But I digress” for my tombstone. And it’s half as many words as I’m alotted so there’s no way I’m stopping that short.

I’ll get back to all this when I have the time. Really. Haiku is hell. Or should I say,

Haiku sure is hard
I’m not that good at counting
Or keeping it brief.

Meanwhile, I give you the above triptich of pictures for your captioning pleasure. Or should I say, my pleasure at your captioning.

17 thoughts on “U-caption it (2)”

  1. Such an expression in the first shot! How’z this haiku…?
    Atlas bears the world…
    Well, maybe only this half…
    Or, delegates it!

  2. (wtf baba) why do you play me
    you know quite well it’s over there
    bring it baba bring it

    umm is it 5/7/5 words or syllables? i forget

    first try in a long time

    he looks different all of a sudden, wow.

  3. Nope, it wasn’t me.
    I think he went thattaway.
    Mebbe it was you.


    Morning sun filters
    through newly opened window
    granola sparkles

  4. Man, you people rock! I totally didn’t even think about each caption being haiku! Which you might have thought — nay, you must have thought — based on what I wrote. But the haiku reference was to the brevity of the Memoir In Six Sentences Meme, which is currently circling the mental/ temporal airport.

    All of which is simply testament to the risk factor of writing anything after midnight & while sleep-deprived. Worked in college; doesn’t work any more. Alas.

    And to directorgrrl, yes, I believe it’s 5/7/5 syllables. At least as haiku appears in English. I think there’s another thing about including a season, and there also being some kind of thematic break or shift at the end of the second line. But this stuff isn’t headed for the Norton Anthology of American Blog Haiku. Okay, well, my haikus aren’t.

  5. Hey, don’t look at me.
    I didn’t touch that green box…
    YOU ate the Thin Mints!!!

    (I honor and remeberance of the multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies I have inhaled in recent weeks)

  6. When I first saw this, I couldn’t think of a good caption.

    Then I read Looky, Daddy’s current post and your comment, and it came to me:

    Where the @#$%^&* is Polly the Party Fun Fairy?

  7. Ooops…the first paranthetical word should be “In”. I’m aghast that my compulsive proofreading didn’t pick that one up sooner!

  8. ‘Remember Scheimpflug Baba: left a bit….right a bit….there, perfect!’

    ‘There are two emergency exits over the wings, here; one over there and one behind you’ (awash with vomit, preoocupied by escape)

  9. This is so fun. Almost enough to perk a gal up after a near-all nighter in the E.R. with the bronchialitis-y (or maybe pre-asthmatic) boy.

    In no particular order, despite the numbering:

    Here’s Wikipedia on Sheimpflug, for everyone else like me who spent most of their Geometry class sweetly humming Seals & Crofts songs while thinking romantic thoughts about their best friends. Rather than focussing on the chalkboard.

    Liza, what fun, the trail of crumbs traceable across several blogs. And you know I just went and procured the Polly the Party Fairy book. Will report soon enough.

    I am loving all this haiku fun. I can’t even decide which I love best, since I love them all so much. How can you not love the use of ’twas and magic in reference to dookie? Yes, m2inVT, dare away!

    PS, theredbaron: One day, in the indeterminate future when I launch LD v.2.0, I’ll have the comments editable. I feel for your copyediting compulsion. In fact, I’ve taken mine pro and it still is inextinguished. Which can often take all the fun out of something (getting paid to do it: c.f. Tom Sawyer & the fence).

  10. I beg you — include visuals when you report on the Polly, the Party Fun Fairy book. Something tells me that the contrast between the character in the book and the character your readers already so enjoy will be a veritable goldmine of entertainment value.

  11. LD & Liza: Polly, the Party Fun Fairy is a rollicking good read, right up until she gets the room spins and her friend Rita, the Responsible Fairy, has to hold her hair as she spews technicolour fairy-yak and then professes her love for Rita, calling her the only fairy in Fairyland that really cares about her. Then she cries herself to sleep.

    Good times. Good times.

  12. Oh lordy lord please god don’t let him be a Putter of Things Up His Nose. We feel we’ve almost made it through the critical phase, w kid #1.

    On the bright side, thank heavens somebody did a fish haiku.

    Methinks Polly the Party Fairy needs to learn a little bit about her own limits. I’m happy to report that Polly the Party Baba had her hair in a ponytail both times she had to spew fairy-yak after a party. But Rita. Now that was a whole ‘nother story.

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