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Screen test

Screen door

Lil’ monkey, nearly two years ago. Now this pose is her brother’s. (With doggie now an angel at his shoulder.)

Busy Baba, with
No time to write a blog post,
Punts with old photo.

[And Happy Passover, for those of you celebrating!]

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U-caption it (2)

1. [Your snappy caption here.]

2. [Your snappy caption here.]

3. [Your snappy caption here.]

It’s been such a busy week, what with Working for an Honest Buck, taking a croupy kid to the doctor, and trying to keep a hard-working mama in a prone position after she threw her back out. Not an easy task, let’s just say, keeping a Force of Nature like the beloved still for anything other than the duration of a film or a live performance. Let’s just say I’m developed a keen sympathy for the underpaid local laborers who were delegated the task of lashing King Kong to whatever he was lashed to in the Borneo jungle or wherever.

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Mother’s little helper

They all grow up fast
Fledglings straining to take flight
Small wings, still so wet.


Corny-@ss haiku —
I can’t help myself sometimes.
Forgive the novice.

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Sick boy

Sick boy sleeps now, heals
Meanwhile, my sister’s firstborn
Keeps distant vigil

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