5 thoughts on “Pillbox hat legends”

  1. and this is why i check this blog religiously… first thing in the am it’s nice to be laughing out loud. he has that look about him again… that ‘yeah, uh-huh, right?”
    ps double thanks for NOT using that OTHER jackie o pillbox hat image, it’s refreshing to see her sporting the same fashion sense in a fresh way.

  2. Thanks…I really needed that chuckle this morning! It’s almost as good as having a Peanut of my own. The best part of his picture is that he looks like he’s “in” on the joke! 🙂

  3. Ooooooooo yeah. He put the dick in dickens, and I certainly don’t mean that in any untoward way. Really.

    He is chock o’ block with divvlishness, the depth and breadth of which emerges daily, along with his physical capacity to enact said divvlishness. Next to scooting or climbing up into expressly off-limits territory (always preceeded by a glance and a twinkle in his eye), his favorite stunt is to carefully place food receptacles upon his noggin when they are aaaaalmost empty of food. But not quite.

    Since I always grab the camera before the wipey rag, I concede that I may just be encouraging this a wee bit.

  4. That boy is so cute it ought to be illegal.

    Re: aaaaalmost empty bowl: Jackie and Audrey had hat-pins, P-nut has to work with what he’s got because I bet Baba won’t let him within lunging distance of a hat-pin. Am I right?

  5. Can’t disagree with you about the cute. He drives me nuts daily. E.g.:

    I don’t know where he gets that stuff. Some guide book he consults at night when we’re not looking.

    And I never thought about his need for an adhesive device. Resourceful little bugger. How could I blame him?

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