Witless Wednesday


I got so tired of seeing t-shirts that proclaimed, from the standpoint of the kid, that the kid believed something (cool, or politically in line with the parents, etc.) — even stuff that I believed in! hell, I’ve stuck my kid in ’em! — that I went out and made a t-shirt that really told the truth.

You can buy one right here, and help his college fund.  By then, I’m pretty sure he’ll be literate.  Whether or not he’ll still be talking to me is another thing altogether.

4 thoughts on “Witless Wednesday”

  1. Thanks!

    I should say that by now, he does know something of what it says, but of course only because said intel has been delivered orally.

    His older girlcousin asked him just yesterday (when that photo was taken), “Do you know what your t-shirt says?” and he said “Yeah! I don’t know what it says!”

    (Third base.)

    • I say: Absolutely!

      Look at it this way: it’s empowering, in a perverse way. Their perspective is totally represented. Words are not (exactly) being put in their mouths. Except honest ones. You know, about their illiteracy. Out of respect for the young people, I’ve only made the t-shirts available for toddler sizes, then of course there are the onsies.

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