You leave the room for just one eensy, teensy moment

And everybody has their organic pear and mango baby food all up in their hair.

I know what you’re saying: People pay big money for hair treatments like this in fancy spas coast to coast.

Okay, maybe just on the coasts.

Okay, maybe just in L.A.

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  1. directorgrrl January 17, 2008 at #

    there is a complete logic and exquisite composition to this, i can’t get past it.(of course the photo is amazing, but i’m talking about the EVENT implied)
    it’s jaunty position on his head, the complete saturation of the hair, the way the hair holds the goo, the rough hewn cheeks and lips, (including the ‘material’ in a different way, showing it’s many uses and/or intentions), the look of utter THIS IS RIGHT-ness in the eyes. the je nais ce quois (sorry) that informs the whole thing.
    moments of creative brilliance are hard to predict though maybe it’s more likely when you leave the room?

  2. annz January 17, 2008 at #

    He looks mighty pleased with himself – as he should be! He’s even cute with baby food plastered in his hair!

    I’m not sure if this will work, but here’s a link to a 20 second video of my niece experimenting with the salutary effects of a yogurt hair treatment (while my sister’s back was turned…)

  3. LesbianDad January 18, 2008 at #

    Oh yeah. The THIS IS RIGHT-ness and the mighty pleased with self also shines though in this image, in which he’s posing with the kind of debonair self-assurance you’d normally find in a good dust jacket author photo:

    I can’t show him Yogurt on Head, though. Can’t do it. The massaging it into the scalp. The swatting it. Noooo, it was bad enough just sitting there, slowly ooozing. Slowly. Ooozing.

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