Pacific coast beach scene

Step one: with the sweet memory of a gentle, bathwater-mild midwestern lake still fresh in mind, test the surf with mama and gramma–but oops! It’s fed by the “California current,” whose surface temperatures are in the vicinity of 60º F.

Beach scene A: testing the frosty Pacific

Step two: skeedaddle.

Beach scene B: immediate reaction thereto

(Wanna see how bad it is, in cartographic splendor? Feast your eyes on Pacific temps here, Atlantic temps here.)

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  1. Rebecca Ramirez August 3, 2006 at #

    Hey! What’s with the Giants t-shirt! Apparently I have not supplied you all with enough A’s paraphenalia. Must rectify this situation soon. The lil monkey must be properly dressed…

  2. LesbianDad August 3, 2006 at #


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