Lesbian Dad

Even’ time

Lake Merritt Boat House, Oakland, CA Lean times at the blog. Really lean. Which must mean: boom times offline! Really booming. Like, KA-booming. In the very wee post-work hours ‘twixt a Friday night & a Saturday morning, I figger I can pause and post this picture. The kiddles were romping

Radio; infrequency

The author (far left), pleased as punch to be posing with (l-r) KALW San Francisco City Visions producer Lisa Denenmark, NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, City Visions host Joseph Pace, and Equality California Marriage Equality & Coalition Strategies Director Andrea Shorter, following the July 11, 2011 show “What’s Next for the

Weekend bonus shot, 07.17.11

Just another email from work (not mine!), Berkeley, CA. The beloved opened a show with her youth music theater company this weekend: Jesus Christ Superstar. An intense, dark story, really, even when you know how it’s going to come out in the end. Still: a perfect vehicle for young performers.

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