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In the gloaming


Lake Merritt Boat House, Oakland, CA

Here’s something to listen to as you read. (One day I’ll figure how to embed. I really will. For now, open in a new window & come back, eh? DianeCu has inspired me how to go ahead slice the YouTube page to the operable part of the music player, sans big visual. Here I was waiting to figure out how to do my own pretty media bar thingy. Cheers, Mother of Invention! And somebody tell me if I just ran afoul of YouTube’s link policy so I don’t bite the hand that’s feeding me the music! Which is a song of the same title as this post, from The Story‘s 1993 The Angel in the House.)

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Radio; infrequency


The author (far left), pleased as punch to be posing with (l-r) KALW San Francisco City Visions producer Lisa Denenmark, NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell, City Visions host Joseph Pace, and Equality California Marriage Equality & Coalition Strategies Director Andrea Shorter, following the July 11, 2011 show “What’s Next for the Marriage Equality Movement in CA?” (Photo credit: Keiko Lane)


The photo above is visual punctuation on a really nifty event: I had the amazing opportunity a week ago to talk with KALW’s City Visions host Joseph Pace about the marriage equality movement in California alongside two of the smartest, most consequential women you’re going to find on the issue: NCLR’s Kate Kendell and EQCA’s Andrea Shorter. (I know, right? Pinch me! Wait! Don’t do that: it would just hurt.)

Producer Lisa Denenmark wanted me to speak to the big picture cultural matters that the issue brings up, and provide a first person and parental viewpoint to flesh out the top-notch legal and tactical vantage points provided by Kate Kendell and Andrea Shorter. So lord love me I did.

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Weekend bonus shot, 07.17.11


Just another email from work (not mine!), Berkeley, CA.

The beloved opened a show with her youth music theater company this weekend: Jesus Christ Superstar. An intense, dark story, really, even when you know how it’s going to come out in the end. Still: a perfect vehicle for young performers. Love, authoritarian oppression, hero worship, betrayal, the capriciousness of the fans: rock ‘n roll drama.

Those who love the album are loving this show (sold out houses, standing-Os!), and if you do (love the album, and live in the Bay Area), you ought to consider going to see it. (In Berkeley at the Ashby Stage, through July 30.)

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Weekend bonus shot, 07.04.11 (Monday edition)


Boathouse piano player, Inverness, CA.

Goddess bless America and happy birthday to all.

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