‘Nuff said


I mean really? Is any commentary even needed?

This was the first Amazon review of Julianne Moore’s new kids’ book in her Freckleface Strawberry series (this one: Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever).  I learned of the book whilst reading a post at Dominique Browning’s Slow Love Life blog: “A Two-Mom Couple Confronts Noisy, Rude Questions: Julianne Moore Has Some Answers.

So quite naturally I bopped over via the link to check out the book.  And see what greeted me? Tautological homophobia.  Self-cancelling phrase. Ignorance, ignorant of itself.

If any of y’all are registered Amazon reviewers and interested in buying and reviewing Julianne Moore’s book, I’m sure it would improve the discussion juuuuuust a bit.  I have already decided where our family’s next kid’s book purchase is going.


1 thought on “‘Nuff said”

  1. Definitely a must-read. Aloud. To my two-year-old. 🙂

    The secondary take-away from this is that her 7-year-old will at least have heard a view other than her mother’s homophobic one. This child will know that someone wrote a book about treating all people equally. Maybe, just maybe, a little tiny seed will have been planted in her young brain somewhere…

    (oh oh please let it be so.)

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