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Kitchen countertop TV, Berkeley, CA.

I know. “What’s this?” you ask. It’s the spiffy hand-me-down TV we now have in our kitchen to accompany Baba’s fitful late night clean up sessions. The dishes just fly by!

When it’s on, it’s pretty much only tuned into Dr. Maddow’s news analysis. What with our not having cable & subscribing to only this video podcast, it’s kind of like Communist-era Russian state TV or something. Only one channel, but everybody likes it!

“What’s that funny fine print running beneath the screen? Is that a sticker or something?” you ask.

Yes, well. I added a little something for the Mrs’ edification. As a precaution.


1 thought on “14 of 31”

  1. That’s so funny xD you’re jealous of Dr.Maddow 😛 having read about her in your blog I actually watched some of her interviews online so, thanks to your I now am a fan of hers too…you know she’s hot and smart 🙂
    and Im not saying this to hurt your pride…after all you’re not the baba of my children… wait a minute.. I think I’ll be a baba type whenever that happens in my life though… have a nice sunday at la casa LD

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