4 thoughts on “From the vault”

  1. I was so sorry to read about your recent loss. Our boy is 13.5 years old and has had to put up with quite a bit since we added kids (girl 3 years old, boy/girl twins 1 year old) He is still going strong but getting slower. Sounds like Max had a great life. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. Thank you. Even if I’d have liked her to have more years with us, those she had were wonderful, and it was an honor to be her human companion/pack leader. I could do worse than to be as patient and forgiving as her. May you and your own sweetie(s) enjoy all the time you have together.

  3. We will all really miss Maxi. She really stood for peace and love and wonderful sweetness. I’m glad you will be able to tell the new little peanut that he had the chance to have his bald head loved and licked by her before she flew off to doggie playland where there are endless places to run and scraps galore.

  4. These could be age-progression photos of our 5-year-old still-a-puppy Lab/hyper bunny rabbit mix, coincidentally named Polly and also sweet beyond belief. I’m a fan via lizawashere, and a content lurker until now, but wanted to express my condolences for a huge loss. You’ve expressed your grief with both aching and beauty, a wonderful tribute for your Maxie.

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