15 of 31*


The stash, Berkeley, CA.

I used to think stationary supply fetishes were hereditary. What with my mom’s, and then of course mine. But the little guy is proving I should not discount the powerful effect of environment, either. What with, you know, his.

His out-of-town auntie asked what to get him for Christmas, and we honestly had to say: pads. Ring-bound, glue-bound, small, large, lined, unlined. Pads. And pens. Pads and pens. Nifty thing about this of course is that I can get tons more use value out of forgotten and discarded pads and pens then I would forgotten and discarded Hot Wheels or little plastic army guys. So there’s that.


* Ed. note, two days later: this was my 1,000th post! Holy mackerel!

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  1. One of the things I miss most about not being a student…getting new school supplies. Binder paper, spiral bound notebooks, tabbed dividers, 3-ring binders, index cards, liquid paper, pens, freshly sharpened pencils — all brand new without wrinkles or scratches and smelling fresh from the packaging. Nowadays I have to watch myself when going to Office Depot for just one little thing — I can lose hours just ogling the newest in pen designs and the latest in filing systems. And how awesome are binder clips!?! I, too, have the fetish and I have it bad. It’s nice to know that younger generations are keeping the love alive!

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