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  1. The first picture reminds me of the “Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer” series by Franz Gertsch – translated: it’s beautiful. As are all of the other pictures of your kids.

  2. Thank you (wow)! And welcome!

    I looked up Franz Gertsch’s series (here’s an art maven’s blog post about it, and here’s an entry by a museum on his oevre as part of a retrospective). Fascinating. I love photorealistic painting, though I’ve only seen the kind that still gestures towards its own painterliness. (Gerhard Richter has a lot of stuff in our local San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, so that’s what I’ve seen the most: here’s a seascape). Gertsch’s “hyperrealism” is incredible.

  3. I’m glad you like the paintings!
    I wrote a 20 page-thesis about Franz Gertsch for my art history studies, though the emphasis was on another series of paintings, those of Lucaino Castelli, a young artist Franz Gertsch knew. Luciano is, as far as I know, a straight man who has always explored his own trans-identity and genderplay in his work, so that was thrilling to work with!

    Gerhard Richter and Franz Gertsch may very well differ from the hyperrealism that was popular in the US, though Gertsch is different still – if you stand close to his paintings, they’re almost surreal, with spots of colours you’d never expect in them.
    I’m a little envious about the San Francisco Museum – is it a good one? I live in Europe, so a quick visit is not really an option.

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