Lesbian Dad

Having a wonderful time…


…wish you were here!

The closest thing to a post I can do right now. Would that the imagery above symbolized my working on this blog, you know, like implementing the dozen or so fixies I have in mind for its betterment. But nope. That’s literal, my kitchen, last night circa 12:45am. I was thinking of you  (yes! you!) at that hour, and about what a sorry, derelict state  things have got to over here in the virtual casa LD. What with the actual casa being knee-deep in its own betterment.

I am beginning to sound like a contractor here (“I swear! It’ll be done soon! Like, next week!”), but, well. I think it’ll be done soon. Meanwhile I’ll trickle what I can this-a-way, and trust you to talk amongst yourselves. Do drop in again soon!

back up that-away
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