Special delivery


This year she designed and addressed all the cards, and wrote the greeting on the inside.  The outside was fairly legible, but the inside greeting was “in cursive.”  And it was a “secret message.” Which means it was all basically squiggly lines, repeated.  

If the kids open her card and start to cry, we’ll know why.  Then again, when I said, “Sweetie, don’t you think the kids will be confused?”  she replied, “They’ll understand.  It’s kids’ language.”  Check.


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7 thoughts on “Special delivery”

  1. Welcome, pablohoneysf! And thank you for the insider intel! For all I know she is living in an elaborate fantasy world of her own creation. Nice to know that at least one part of it is shared with her kind.

    And genderkid: thanks. It really is amazing to see the unchecked, open heart in action right in front of you. She wrote the word LOVE all over the backs of a lot of the cards, or I LOVE U (phonetic spelling, not a self-consciously cutsey one; lord help us when it’s actually cutsey textey) all over the front.

    Well worth trying to preserve that impulse for as long as it lasts.

  2. Where? Ah, alas, it is more like “From whom?” Since upwards of 95% of what both kids wear is hand-me-downs. This, I believe, is from the L.A. chum of the beloved’s. And guess what? She gets tons of hand-me-downs from rich friends in the movie industry. So who knows what spawn of celebrity this thing might have been on.

    Just looked at the label and it says “naartjie,” which, I learned from a comment Mr Lady put on another photo of the girlie wearing a dress, (voilá) actually means something.

    I know. Our kids are at a bit of a disadvantage with us. Or at least with gals like me. Which is why we need to continue to forge connections across these points of difference.

  3. Zeca too gets most of her clothes from others. We had hoped she would wear Miguel’s hand me downs but she turns her nose up at his jeans and t-shirts. So…we get some goodies from our friends with girls and then get some special things for birthdays and all that. My sister loves to buy her girly stuff (which Zeca prefers) and that’s how she got her brand spankin’ new pink cowboy boots. Z is currently wearing a girl’s xs. She’s a big girl!

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