Lesbian Dad

5th of 20

[It’s a month o’ photos; no prose. Words froze due to work woes. Come June, back it flows.]Chuck’s got nothin’ on her. Okay, so maybe he does, but he has a lot more practice. At least she can accurately identify most of the instruments pictured in the book. Try that, Chuck!

The Philharmonic Gets Dressed is a current fave. Highly recommended, with the caveat that I keep having to ad lib a coupla mannish lesbians getting dressed in men’s duds (all 105 orchestra members are tracked from their showers to their dressing up to their subway rides to Philharmonic Hall; it’s pants for the mens, dresses for the womens, and the devil — that would be me and my cross-dressing kin — take the hindmost).

It’s a familiar routine, though. She’s quite well aware how un/underrepresented our family structure and her Baba’s gender are, in most of the media we consume. And she’s also learning first-hand how you re-write whatever it is you’re reading, so as to push yourself from margin to center. Her future English teachers are hereby forewarned: free thinkin’ maverick chick, coming down the pike!

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