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Below, some pictures from our errand to city hall today. Narrative to follow next week.

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At left: The beloved does what any sensible woman in her position would do on the subway commute to city hall.

At right: Dr. Phil’s emmisaries greet folks upon arrival to SF City Hall. Okay, so she doesn’t work for Dr. Phil. She’s a volunteer there on behalf of the city. Still, I had to ask her: “What on earth do I have to do to get her to shut the cabinet doors after she opens them?” The woman had no answer. But she was cheery as all get-out, anyway.

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At left: Of course yrs truly dressed for the occasion. The two gals who received us and directed us once we entered the area where the licenses were issued were also suitably dapper. Both of ’em looked to be lead bikers for the Dykes on Bikes part of the Pride parade. Probably were. Also both volunteers. One of ’em got deputized to perform marriages just for this first two weeks, just because. Who doesn’t love love?

At right: The sign, posted by the City of San Francisco Office of Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting reads: “We wish to recognize and honor the courageous couples and their families who came before us in their pursuit of equality. Below are some of the historic marriage certificates from February 2004.” Classy.

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At left: Can you stop the people from baking cookies and coming and passing them around to all the same-sex couples en route to licenses and ceremonies? No you cannot. These happy bakers were a mom, a dad, and their two teenage kids. All of them grinning ear to ear. Had to be Unitarians. You cannot stop the UUs.

At right: The paradigmatic image at the city hall. There’s the threat to the establishment, right there. Complete with two adorable twin girls in red velveteen dresses and shiny patent leather shoes.

These days, city hall in San Francisco totally beats out the international arrivals section of San Francisco International airport for the honor of being Love and Elation Central. I have never seen so many straight people in one place happier to see me. I’m almost as happy for them as for us. Hell, I’m happy for all of us. Cynics and grouches, c’mon over here, pull up a lawn chair, and prepare to have your faith in human nature restored.

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