We’re here, we’re queer, etc.

IMG_9822Anyone who reads stuff online, particularly LGBT thinky stuff, will surely have seen treatment of the census topic and we invisible/ blurry/ quizzical/ perpetually misread LGBT people.

Still, I thought I’d aid and abet.  I got my notice from our daughter’s public school some time ago, saying the census would be coming, and that as a family we should be sure to be counted.

Har! Not our family!  At least not without the cunning strategy most folks are directing toward their tax returns this time of year. I prepared to be irritated.

I also sent away for my handy-dandy “Queer the Census” sticker which I will happily affix to the envelope, with no particular certainty as to its impact on anything more than the schlepp who opens the envelopes.  But at least the schlepp will see that we’re organized, and that many of us are peeved enough to plaster the exterior of our census forms with a gi-normous pink sticker. (I’ve been running a link for it down in the little LGBT civil rights aisle of the sidebar there for months, but if you read this in a Google reader or something, you’ve been missing out. Git yers here!)

Here’s Dana at Mombian, talking about the census in general, Our Families Count’s public education campaign, and how many of us non-bio parents of kids might, or might not, or could maybe hazard a path through the contradictory series of boxes to check.  She and also commenters have given this some good thought.

Last word on this goes to Kate Clinton, who I’m splashing all over the LD home page this week with a slot here plus down in my selected video dealie on the sidebar, which, again, only those of you who read this in situ ever see (no disrespect, Google reader peeps! love ya any way you’ll have me!).

3 thoughts on “We’re here, we’re queer, etc.”

  1. True, it is a skewed picture, but in the states in which marriage is legal, we at least do have the option of being both honest and open. Those of us in such a ridiculously fortunate position have an even greater responsibility to complete the census form, and to represent the thousands of voiceless others in the rest of the country…

  2. Actually in the states in which marriage is legal, those gay and lesbian couples that mark each other down as “spouses” (relative to the household head) will LITERALLY be recoded as either heterosexual couples (i.e. those wise statisticians at the Census will change the sex of one of you in order to create an opposite sex couple) OR you will be recoded as an “unmarried partner”. This has happened since the 2000 Census in which Pres. Bush argued that the Census must legally follow DOMA and NOT recognize marriages between same-sex couples.

    I am totally serious about this. So get your stickers and queer the Census!!!

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